Alloy 310

UNS S31008


Find Out if Alloy 310 Stainless Steel is Right for Your Business

Companies who use quality metal in their processes set an industry standard that competitors who cut corners can never reach. Whatever your industry, you should only use reliable alloys for your piping needs. If you need stainless steel pipes, valves, or fittings that resists corrosion for your high-temperature applications, contact James Duva Inc for alloy 310. As a pipe distributor, we have all your alloy needs in one place.

Check Out the Design Features and Applications of 310

Many different companies use alloy 310 for a variety of high-pressure piping purposes. This heat-resistant alloy stays strong at elevated temperatures. It can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures of 2100 degrees Fahrenheit without negative effects. 310 also has a lower coefficient of expansion than other products in the 300 stainless steel line, which makes it perfect for its use in petroleum refining.

Other industry applications for 310 include:

  • Thermal processing
  • Power generators
  • Ore processing
  • Furnace components
  • Food processing
  • Cryogenic components

Alloy 310 has high levels of chromium and moderate levels of nickel, which allow this alloy to resist corrosion from exposure to sulfuric environments. This material also resists corrosion better than types 309 and 304. At James Duva Inc, we make our 310S with high carbon in order to meet 310H specifications.

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If your company requires high-quality pipes, valves, and fittings that stand up to your high-temperature applications, turn to James Duva Inc. for your alloy 310 stainless steel needs. Since 1978, we’ve served the pipe, valve, and fitting industry. We dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional customer service. Our team can help you find the right alloy for your needs. For more information, contact us today.

Typical Applications

  • Heat exchanger and heat recuperator tubing
  • Molten salt applications
  • Sulfur bearing gas atmospheres

Design Features

  • Austenitic stainless steel with excellent high temperature oxidation resistance.
  • Good for continuous exposure to 2100 ̊ F, intermittent service to 1900 ̊ F.
  • Better elevated temperature creep strength than the 18-8 grades.
  • General corrosion resistance better than Type 304 and 309.
  • May be susceptible to chloride stress corrosion cracking.
  • Availability.
  • Ease of fabrication.


  • Alloy 310 Seamless Pipe 1/2”- 8”
  • Alloy 310 Weld Pipe 8” – 24”
  • Alloy 310 Butt-Weld Fittings 1/2”- 8”
  • Alloy 310 Bar 1” – 8”Plate 1/8″ – 3″
  • Alloy 310 Flanges 1/2” – 24”
  • Alloy 310 Pressure Fittings 1/2″ – 2″
  • Alloy 310 Tubing 1/4” – 2”


  • ASTM A312, A403, A182
  • ASME SA312, SA403, SA182

Tensile Requirements

Tensile Strength (KSI) 75

Yield Strength (KSI) 30

KSI can be converted to MPA (Megapascals) by multiplying by 6.895.

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Chemical Composition

C Cr Mn Mo Ni P S Si
Max Max Max Max Max Max
0.08 24.0 – 26.0 2.0 0.75 19.0 – 22.0 0.045 0.03 0.75