Alloy 317L

UNS S31703


Properties of the Alloy 317L

One of our most popular products is the alloy 317L pipe. The 317L resists any chemicals, like chlorine, that it may come in contact with. This, in combination with a low carbon content, allows the pipe to combat corrosion and have a longer life. The 317L also features the following characteristics:

  • Higher strength than other stainless steels
  • Good formability and weldability
  • More chromium, nickel, and molybdenum compared to the 317L stainless (a higher molybdenum content means more resistance to sulfuric acid)

Applications of the Alloy 317L

Several industries benefit from using 317L stainless steel. In general, if you need a malleable and durable metal, the 317L is right for you. This especially holds true if you plan on exposing your metal to chemicals.

Some of the industries we service include:

  • Flue-gas desulfurization scrubber systems
  • Food processing industries
  • Power plants
  • Paper and pulp plants
  • Petrochemical and chemical processing
  • Textile equipment

Why Work With James Duva Inc.

We have a background in nuclear quality assurance, lethal services, and reactors. Today, we participate in more non-nuclear industries, focusing on specialty alloys. The specialty alloys we sell are made of stainless steel and high-nickel corrosion resistant alloys. Our experience has greatly influenced how we conduct and approach our day-to-day business.

Browse our site to review the 317L pipe and alloy 317L flanges. The 317L comes in bars, valves, pipes, and pipe fittings. For more information on availability, call us at 908.526.1222.

Typical Applications

  • Flue gas desulfurization scrubber systems
  • Chemical and petro-chemical processing equipment
  • Pulp and paper plants
  • Food processing equipment
  • Textile equipment

Design Features

  • A molybdenum bearing austenitic chromium nickel steel with an alloy content somewhat higher than the 316 grades.
    Superior corrosion resistance in difficult environments.
  • Higher creep, stress-to-rupture and tensile strengths than other stainless steels.
  • Reduced intergranular precipitation of chromium carbides during welding and stress relieving as well as minimized possibility of corrosion failure from intergranular attack due to low carbon content.
  • Resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion making 317L a successful life-cost product in a variety of highly corrosive environments.


  • 317L Weld Pipe 1/2” – 24”
  • 317L Seamless Pipe 1/2”- 8”
  • 317L Butt-Weld Fittings 1/2” – 24”
  • 317L Flanges 1/2” – 24”
  • 317L Bar 1” – 8”
  • 317L Tubing 1/2” – 1”
  • 317L Pressure Fittings 1/2” – 2”


  • ASTM A312, A403, A182
  • ASME SA312, SA403, SA182

Tensile Requirements

Tensile Strength (KSI) 75

Yield Strength (KSI) 30

KSI can be converted to MPA (Megapascals) by multiplying by 6.895.

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Chemical Composition

C Cr Mn Mo Ni P S Si
Max Max Max Max Max
0.035 18.0 – 20.0 2.0 3.0 – 4.0 11.0 – 15.0 0.04 0.03 0.75